Augmenting Spatial Intelligence

Defender is comprised of a team of innovators, engineers, fighter pilots and entrepreneurs with vast experience in augmenting the spatial intelligence of operators on both remote military theater operations and urban environments.

Defender's technology addresses the requirements of our First Responders and Armed Forces by solving real life problems in real time, regardless of hostile environments, inclement weather, or various other adverse factors.

Defender’s innovations bring state of the art capabilities to a multitude of critical operations as well as providing countermeasures for asymmetrical threats prior to their becoming critical.

Combining Artificial Intelligence with ultra-wide video Field-of-View real time transmission, Defender's technologies create parallel realities wherein remote operators spatial awareness is virtually identical to field personnel, creating previously unprecedented situational awareness.

Defender’s team is aggressively committed to keeping our first responders and armed forces safe and out of the way of all eminent and perceived dangers.

Digital parallel realities place the viewers at the desired scene on demand, experiencing complete sensory perception without space and time limitations.